My name is Marco and I’m a code alchemist, data juggler and a thinker. Currently, I’m the CTO and co-founder of small company, 7bridges s.r.l..

Alchemist, ‘cause I think computer science is about transmutation: instead of noble metals, we try to obtain noble data. This involves science, philosphy, magic and a bit of faith. It’s a complex matter.

Juggler, ‘cause I enjoy playing with data, bring sense to bunches of bits and bring them to a meaning, but I’m not a scientist.

Thinker, ‘cause I choose to follow the statement “The world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved.”. I choose to solve those problems with my intellect and some wizardry called programming languages.

I cast my spells with Clojure, but it’s just a means to an end: my final purpose is leaving the world a little more beautyful. Lisp dialects are just the best wands around.

I choose to follow no religion, no politic principles. I don’t judge others by their age, race, sex, or beliefs but by how they act. Someone wiser than me once said that “Truth is a pathless land” and I agree with him.

I don’t have time to waste in hatred.

Gray is my favorite colour.

Made with love by Marco Dalla Stella using and Emacs.